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Are Temporary Tattoo Designs For You

Getting a tattoo, as you have probably already guessed, is no simple decision. Once the tattoo design has been superimposed onto your skin, it is a permanent part of your overall appearance. Having a tattoo done isn't like going to the store and buying a t-shirt. If you don't like the t-shirt you buy, sure you can return it for something better, however when it comes to a tattoo, it's not so easy.

You may choose - if you're brave enough - to undergo the necessary and painful laser surgery to remove the tattoo, however for most, a tattoo will stay for life. Now that may all sound a little daunting, particularly if you aren't so sure you really want to go ahead and "get inked", however there is a solution for you: temporary tattoo designs. What is a Temporary Tattoo Design? The name itself is about as self-explanatory as you can get. A temporary tattoo design is a tattoo design you can apply to your skin and wash off! These are the ideal solution if you are reasonably keen on getting a tattoo, yet not quite sure if it's the way to go.

With a temporary tattoo, you can choose a design that you really like, and apply it to your skin to trial the design. That way, if you find you don't particularly like the design or you don't like the look of the tattoo on your skin, you can simply wash it off. Temporary Tattoo Application and Removal Generally, temporary tattoos are simple to apply and painless. To apply a temporary tattoo, the film with the tattoo design on it is applied to the skin and after a time, the film is pulled away from the skin according to the transfer instructions.

Typically, a temporary tattoo will last a few days, however sometimes the tattoo will still look reasonably good even weeks after the application. If you do not like the look of the tattoo or wish to remove it, you simply wash off according to the instructions - usually by using baby oil or a safe alcohol-based cleaner suitable for cleansing the skin. Where to find Temporary Tattoo Designs You're reading this article online right now, so you'll be happy to know that there are so many places online where you can browse a range of temporary tattoo designs, and purchase the designs you like.

Rather than leave the hard work of finding good temporary tattoo design websites to you, we have taken the time to check out a number of suitable temporary tattoo websites well worth a visit: * tattoofashion.com This is a fantastic website with a huge variety of temporary tattoo designs to choose from. The designs are very realistic in appearance and easily categorized according to style, e.g. Chinese Tattoos, Maori Tattoos and Celtic Tattoos. There is plenty of information on the website about how to safely apply and remove the temporary tattoo you choose.

You can inexpensively purchase temporary tattoos via the online store, and according to the website, all orders are dispatched in 24 hours with free worldwide delivery. * tattoofun.com This website clearly states that it is the largest temporary tattoo website online. There is quite a reasonable range of temporary tattoo designs to choose from, and again, the actual designs are categorized by theme and can be purchased quickly, via an online store usually for a few dollars.

The actual tattoo paper is also sold in the online store, so users can print their own designs using their home computer. * temptats.com Another website for temporary tattoo designs that is worth checking out is Temp Tats. Again, this website has a huge range of temporary tattoo designs to choose from, all categorized according to style and also according to the area you wish to apply the tattoo, e.

g. lower back, ankle. Each design typically costs a few dollars and can be purchased easily via the online store.

You can also request custom designed temporary tattoos via this website, however the minimum quantity for a custom temporary tattoo order is 1000. * bodygraphics.ca Another temporary tattoo design website that has a decent design range is Body Graphics. Browse the design gallery according to style category and simply purchase the designs you like online in their store for just a few dollars per design. Custom temporary tattoo designs are also available, however the minimum order is 1000.

* tattoojohnny.com Tattoo Johnny sells a product called Tattoo Test Drive via its online store. With each Test Drive pack you will receive one sheet of tattoo test paper and one clear transfer sheet. Choose from their huge range of tattoo designs and print onto the test paper. The Test Drive pack is available for just $3.89USD and you can download color drawings of a huge range of designs free via this website.

Plenty of information relating to tattoos and temporary tattoos is available via this website, so it's definitely worth checking out. So there are just a few of the temporary tattoo design websites worth exploring! Be sure to read the instructions carefully and have fun test driving your tattoos!.

Zac Parker is one of the internet's well-known tattoo experts. With his website dedicated to tattoo designs, Zac helps anybody who is interested in tattoos and free tattoo designs. Make the right design decision when it comes to your next tattoo and check out http://www.TattooDesignPhotos.com

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