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Chemotherapy For Cancer Treament And Hair Loss

Data for cancer treatment balding. Hair loss would seem like a small issue and an even smaller price to pay in the grand scheme of cancer and the ultimate loss of life that cancer statistics remind us of. But humans don't always think rationally and the devastation felt by a person who looses their hair due to chemotherapy can cause a depletion of self-esteem and complete lack of motivation. No small issue to the victim of cancer, as the physical loss of hair is a constant, visual reminder of the physical illness that dwells within.

Either sex has concerns about balding caused by cancer treatments. This process takes a toll, hurting the feelings of persons already ill. However, although such difficulties are fairly common, this process is not inevitable. Hair loss, and the extent to which it occurs is highly dependent upon which drugs, and at what quantity you are given. In a general sense the reason it occurs is similar to the same reason that chemotherapy can be effective in the treatment of cancer. The drugs attack rapidly growing cells which includes both cancer cells and the type cells involved in hair growth.

The loss of hair is most often temporary and hair will grow again once the chemotherapy has been completed. Your hair will begin to grow again about one to two months after the end of chemotherapy, though the initial color and texture may be different than before. Hair loss during chemotherapy is not always avoidable, but there are a variety of methods which can assist in coping with the situation. Minoxidil (Rogaine being the best known trade name) does not stop hair loss, but there is some indication that it can slow down the hair loss, and regrowing the hair can occur at a quicker rate. Another more radical procedure is the application of ice packs to the scalp during chemotherapy to slow the blood flow and try to cut down on the damage to the area. There is some indication that this works to some degree in many patients, but it can be uncomfortable, and may have an increased risk of cancer in the scalp for the same reason that it reduces the initial hair loss from the chemotherapy.

If you are wise and calculative, you can prevent alopecia from coming to some extent. Avoid activities leading to a stressful life, do not use hair dye, hair bleaching and locally acting chemicals. You have to plan for a wig, haircut or shaving scalp totally so that if somebody sees your hair it may not disappoint you. This cosmetic factor should be taken into account before chemotherapy.

You can learn more about hair loss here: Hair Loss News. Check out our other hair loss articles including chemotherapy hair loss at http://Hair-Loss.Teach2.Us

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