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Do You Know The Important Four Cs Of Diamonds

Diamonds make a great addition to jewelry pieces. Undoubtedly, there will come a time where you will have to select the perfect diamond to compliment your piece. Many people underestimate the amount of thought and consideration that must go into purchasing a diamond. When purchasing something like diamonds, which last forever, finding one that is the right size or shape is not nearly enough. Generally, there are four C's you should consider: Cut Clarity Color Carat weight All four must be considered if you are to use the most beautiful of diamonds in your jewelry wholesale.

It is also important to note that diamonds should not overpower your pieces, but rather compliment them. Cut: Cut refers to the way in which the diamond was cut, meaning the overall quality of the cut rather than the common misconception that it refers to the shape of the diamond. The shine and florescence of the diamond is a direct result of how it was cut.

The actual, literal shape of the diamond is merely a second factor (or an after thought) when referencing the quality of the cut. Clarity: Clarity refers to how perfect or imperfect a diamond is, rather than how "clear" it is. There are generally both internal and external imperfections.

A diamond that has no imperfections is very expensive, as it is considered flawless. These are also of course, very rare as almost all diamonds have natural flaws to some extent. Color: While diamonds can come in a variety of colors, the most common of all is white and yellow. All other colors are rare and expensive, aside from the "blue white diamond". In the case of the "blue white diamond" a jeweler may try to tell you it is rare, but in reality it is considered an inferior diamond and you will find you have little or no use for it. Carat: Carat weight is very important.

Large diamonds should come with a certificate, given upon request. Hence, if you decide to purchase a large diamond, request a certificate from the company you are purchasing it from. If they refuse to give you a certificate from a reputable grading company (such as GIA), you may want to reconsider this purchase. Because diamonds are by far the most popular gemstones in the world, chances are that you will put more work, thought, and research into purchasing diamonds for your jewelry wholesale than you will with any other gem or stone.

Diamonds are beautiful, durable, and desirable, so don't settle for one that is simply the right size or shape. Remember the four C's, and you'll get the feeling of a 5th C: The feeling of being content with your purchase. After all, diamonds are forever, and you want your jewelry wholesale to last forever too.

Gregg Hall is an author living in Navarre Florida. Find more about this as well as Buying Anything Wholesale at http://www.5starwholesale.com

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