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Do You Want to Know All About The Best AntiAgeing Foods

Believe it or not, but what we eat does actually effect our skin. Even if you knew this, did you know that there are some foods which can stop ageing dead in its tracks? Whether you believe it or not, the food we eat can and does affect how we age, so which foods should we be avoiding, and which ones should we be piling on our plates? The Best Anti Ageing Foods If you want to stay younger looking for longer, your diet plays a big part in it! Just by eating certain foods you can dramatically slow down the ageing process, and it will cost you hardly anything. Our diet is a lot more effective than the many creams and lotions advertised out there, so why not try boosting your immune system with some of the following foods: Berries Berries are an excellent source of energy and they are packed full of vitamin C. Vitamin C helps to increase the collagen within the skin, which is what causes the skin to be firm. Eating berries regularly also stops thread veins from appearing which are extremely common as you grow older. Chocolate This may seem like a strange one as most people associate chocolate to be bad for them both piling on the pounds and making the skin look terrible.

However, it has been shown that by eating chocolate three times a week, it can add up to a year to our lives. Though, the amount of chocolate that you eat has to be moderated. If you eat too much chocolate it can lead to obesity which will in turn shorten your life instead of prolong it.

Broccoli Broccoli is a really good super food and it is known for fighting off cancer. It is also great for anti ageing and is even better with linseed sprinkled over it. This also helps menopausal women and it gives the food extra flavor. Apples Apples help with anti ageing as they contain pectin which really helps to keep cholesterol levels low. They also contain antioxidants which get rid of free radicals which cause ageing. Red Wine So red wine is a drink not a food, but it really can help to boost the circulation in the skin.

Results show that drinking red wine in moderation can really help to prolong your life and it can also help to fight against cancer and heart disease. Garlic Garlic is great for boosting the immune system and detoxing the liver. It is also known to lower blood pressure. There are other foods which are really good for the body and which help to promote anti ageing including blueberries and oily fish such as salmon. Foods which are bad for the body are said to include bananas, pasta, bread and sugar, which all lead to inflammation in the body which in turn speeds up the ageing process. It is definitely better to eat foods rich in vitamins, than simply taking vitamin supplements.

This is because fish for example, such as salmon, contain more omega 3 essential fatty acids than omega 3 supplements. Also the other properties within the fish work together with the omega 3 to provide a perfect balance within the body. Overall, eating the above foods on a regular basis will really help to promote anti ageing. It is also thought that smaller meals more regularly is a lot better for the body and skin, as large meals cause a lot of stress of the digestive system.

If you are going to start drinking red wine and eating chocolate three times a week, do make sure that you do it in moderation as too much will reverse the effects.

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