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How Much Do You Really Know About Cellulite

Most people, especially women, have heard of cellulite. You know it is bad, you think it is associated with being overweight and you have heard something about it resembling the appearance of orange peel. However, you are still unsure as to what exactly cellulite is. Well, whilst it is bad, you should know that if you have cellulite you are not on your own! Cellulite and the People who have it In this day and age cellulite is quite a common occurrence in woman worldwide. Generally speaking, cellulite is lumpy in appearance and it often attaches itself like superglue to your thighs and stomach.

It is not particularly pleasant to look at and if you turn up on a beach with it, you are likely to be ridiculed. If you do have cellulite however, do not panic! Celebrities also get it and hardly any woman is immune, whether they are slim or not. It is basically caused by fat which is pushed up against the connective tissue beneath your skin. This is what causes the skin to look either lumpy or to dimple a little, often resembling the look of an orange peel skin. A good way to tell if you do have it or not, is to pinch the skin around your upper thigh. If the area is lumpy, it is often an indication that you are suffering from cellulite.

Now not all cellulite is the same, it can range in severity from person to person and for some, it will not be as noticeable as it is for others. Certain things which affect how serious the problem will be include your genes, the amount of fat which is within the body, and the thickness of your skin. The Various Treatments Available and Which Ones Actually Work! Due to cellulite being a very common problem worldwide, there are unfortunately a lot of products out there claiming to solve all of your cellulite problems. There only to make a quick buck, some of the products available simply do not work. There is never a miracle cure for things and so you should always think twice if a product sounds too good to be true.

However, there are some treatments out there which can reduce the appearance of the cellulite; it is just a matter of finding the right one for you! There are many misconceptions about Liposuction being a good cure for cellulite and the truth of the matter is, it does not do anything to change your cellulite, and if anything, it can make it worse. During Liposuction they suck out the fat which resides just under the skin, and the result is often a dimpled appearance, hence it can often cause more cellulite than you started with! Overall you can reduce the appearance of the cellulite but first you need to know what the cellulite needs. For example, the skin around cellulite is often dry and inflamed so moisturizing the skin and using anti-inflammatory creams over time may help to minimize the cellulites appearance.

In order to really make a difference to the cellulite, treatment needs to be given to the dermis where most of the damage is usually done. Creams cannot usually help very much as they only treat the Epidermis which is the top layer of the skin. So, in order to treat cellulite most effectively, you need to: Strengthen the blood vessels Repair the cell membranes Reduce Inflammation Stimulate the production of collagen and elastin Moisturize the area Exfoliate Reduce any wasted water Prevent any free-radical damage In order to incorporate each of the above steps, treatment will involve a range of creams, technoceuticals and a good diet rich in vitamins and minerals which help to repair the skin.

Overall, cellulite is extremely common and it can be treated, though it may not fully go away.

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