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How The Wristwatch Has Evolved Over The Years

Today the wrist watch is a very popular piece of jewelry. The wrist watch can be seen on many wrists where ever you go. Many people wear watches not only for its practical use to see the time, but as a symbol of their status. Men and women alike wear wrist watches on a daily basis, this however was not always the case.

You never used to see men with a wrist watch, instead they used pocket watches. Wrist watches were only made for women, and that is how they liked it. These wrist watches were referred to as wristlets, and most men would not even think about wearing one. These wrist watches were also deemed not very accurate due to their size. There have obviously been some changes to the watch since.

War times is what marked the first change in the wrist watch. When the soldiers were in battle it was very difficult for them to reach in their pockets to see what time it was. This was not easy to do when you are in battle trying to carry your gun and everything else. In order to free up their hands some soldiers made leather bands for their wrists that their watches fit in. This made the watch easier to access while in battle.

The wrist watch made it easier for the troops to plan their attacks and synchronize them. If everyone had their watch set to the same time you all knew exactly when you needed to attack. This was a great help in battle. The wrist watch along with the development of new weapons helped in winning battle.

Since the watch was growing in popularity the watch makers started making them for men. The problem with these wrist watches was that the face was still easily damaged. The solution to this problem was to make a grid usually out of silver that went on the face to protect it, but still allowed you to read the time. The band itself on the watch also went through some changes.

You could now get wrist watches that had expandable and flexible bands. Even with the wrist watches success with the troops, it took two decades for it to gain the rest of the public's vote. People were still not very fond of the design. As changes were made more people started liking the wrist watch and wearing it. People began to realize that a wrist watch really was more convenient, and was more accurate than they used to be.

Watch makers started making styles for both men and women to enjoy. These early wrist watches did use the same type of face guard seen on the military watches to protect the face of the watch.

Gregg Hall is an author living in Navarre Florida. Find more about this as well as fine wrist watches at http://www.finewristwatchesonline.com

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