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Is your night time moisturizer made from puppy remains

No probably not but, night time creams and moisturizers have in the last few years exploded on the market purporting to be the new fountain of youth and many contain ingredients of dubious usefulness. While millions of dollars of product sells every year, many doctors believe that some products might not be worth price. "Some night creams are extremely pricey but do not deliver any bang for the buck," says Dr. P.K.

Farris, a Louisiana dermatologist. Moisturizer Makers Often Exaggerate Effects Producers hyperbolize the effects of their creams and moisturizers in order to sell, pandering to women's self esteem issues and insecurities. Dr. L. Baumann, professor of dermatology in at a highly regarded university in Florida believes that, "Companies make all kinds of statements the skin and its night-time activities.

They say that the skin does all sorts of special processes that it doesn't do during the day. And this is just false. There's no proof in much of what they say.

" According to Doctors There are Several Proven Anti-Aging Compounds Some ingredients, however, do a great deal to help. Dr. Baumann suggests that some well-known compounds like retinol should be used at night because they are inactivated by sunlight. Many other dermatologist also agree that there it is extremely beneficial to use night time moisturizers that contain Peptides and Vitamin C, which boosts the production of collagen smoothing wrinkles and increasing skin firmness. To be effective a night time moisturizer must (a) contain the right ingredients (retinol, vitamin C, and peptides) in the right concentration and (b) be used for a long enough period of time to activate and work. Typically for at least five hours a night for eight weeks.

If the creams are used inconsistently, the desired results will not be achieved. According to Seattle, Washington dermatologist Dr. Sandy Read, "A moisturizer will not do any good unless it is given enough time to penetrate the skin." The Ultimate Conclusion Price does not necessarily indicate the quality of a night time moisturizer. Before you purchase though, look for those that contain proven anti-aging products like retinol, vitamin C, and peptides.

A resource that I recommend is http://www.nighttimemoisturizers.com. This site focuses exclusively on night creams and night time moisturizers. This online portal contains a wealth of information regarding the use and efficacy of night time moisturizers and research on the subject.

Do not succumb to the unwarranted claims and do not purchase products that don't contain the right compounds in the proper concentrations. A good night time moisturizer will help soothe the skin, increase collagen production and fight the effects of aging.

Dr. Angel, a long-time proponent of anti-aging products, reminds you to check out her excellent complimentary report, finding the right night time moisturizers, essential oils, and peptide moisturizers. Powered by internet marketing

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