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Plastic Surgery Not Just For Beauty

Until recently, plastic surgery was a luxury for people who were financially privileged, or were famous celebrities. Back in the days of when times were simpler and technology was still developing, many people did not mind the prospect of gaining wrinkles and losing the shapely figure to gravity. Now it would appear that people are making desperate attempts to stay looking young and fight the signs of aging, even if it means going under the knife.

More young women between the ages of 16 - 25 are opting for breast implants, seeing that they feel they are not voluptuous.

The feeling of not growing into a larger cup size raises their own personal insecurity level and reduces their confidence. This then triggers a need to have them enhanced and change their appearance with a little help from medical advancement. This kind of surgery is purely related to improving ones looks, which is exactly what plastic surgery is used for.

Plastic surgery holds its place as being something that is good to help people improve previous skin conditions.

Such as burn marks, birthmarks, scars and any other marks which may be obviously visible. These can include reconstructive surgery, body enhancements and sometimes changing the shape of a body. It has nothing to do with the synthetic material known as plastic. The name of the procedure derived from the Greek word plastikos, which means to mould or shape.

This kind of surgery is often mistakenly called cosmetic surgery; however, this cannot more further from the truth. Cosmetic surgery deals solely with improving or enhancing the aesthetic appearance of an individual, rather than repairing and restoring. The types of treatment include having their tummy tucked, liposuction, lip enhancement and breast augmentation as a form of cosmetic surgery as this is focussing on the looks.

Plastic surgery does play a part in improving ones appearance but it does not stand in as a way of making someone look better, by making adjustments or improvements.

Instead it is used for restoring and repairing damaged tissue or defcts upon the body. This does include surgery for cosmetic purposes, but remains very different from cosmetic surgery. This can be a costly process but can also be available under the NHS if the procedure is necessary to the individuals way of living.

Historically plastic surgeries have been around as early as 700 BCE, originating from Ancient India. Physicians such as Sushruti were practising skin grafts during 8th century, whereby his works mention procedures such as rhinoplasty (nose job) and otoplasty (ear surgery usually pinning).

The Romans were also amongst the people to have practised some of the surgery techniques; however, this was only based on their studies from Greek texts and notes. This was religiously unaccepted and performing this on humans on animals were not permitted.

Bearing in mind anaesthesia was not practised until much later; surgery was a painful procedure so this was something not many people would go through unless it was necessary. However, procedures were used mainly for restoration and reconstruction, such as the procedure placed upon the British Military officer who had lost his nose from the effects of a mercury treatment. Joseph Carpue performed this successfully in 1814.


About the Author (text)Anna Stenning is knowledgeable in the world of plastic surgery, having researched this subject previously. For more information on various procedures visit http://www.lbps.co.uk/

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