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Plussize Is Beautiful And More

Having a plus-size figure should never discourage women from dressing up, whether it is for business, casual, or formal. One of the easiest way to dress up a pair of slacks, skirt or dress, is to add a jacket. Knowing your body type and choosing colors that flatter and enhance your figure and skin tone, can help you select a versatile plus size jacket that can last for years. The first thing to consider is the cut of the jacket. Plus size women should avoid jackets that have a short, boxy cut.

Instead opt for longer jackets that skim the hips. Slight padding in the shoulder of the jacket helps to balance plus size figures, while adding dimension to the jacket. Suits with straight lines are best for plus size women who have a straight "up and down" shape. Look for longer jackets with sharp lapels and are not too cinched at the waist if possible. Plus size women with curvy shapes look best in shorter jackets with curved lapels and rounded lines along with a fitted waist. Finding a cinched jacket will accentuate the waist and minimize the stomach area.

Jackets should fall in the right place to be really flattering in your case. E.g. - should you have large bust - you may wish to avoid a jacket with a pockets on your bust line. Jackets which are cut simply with tapered waists are the best flattering cut for a plus-size girl with large bust.

Plus size women who have an ample rear and a small top, will find longer jackets that skim the hips to be most flattering. Avoid jackets that end right at the hips, as they will draw attention to the area you want to camouflage. Developing a look of proportion is of great importance.

For example, a long jacket that makes a 5'6" woman look taller can have the opposite effect on someone less than 5 feet tall. Observe the following tips to help select the right length plus size jacket. Your jacket should hem should not be at the widest part of your body. Instead, go longer or shorter. The longer the jacket, the narrower your pants or skirt should be.

Your jacket or skirt should be about two-thirds of the length of your overall look. Try long jackets over knee length skirts and shorter jackets over long skirts. Use scarves to add flair to your plus size jackets. A long scarf draped over the jacket will elongate your figure.

Scarves draw the eye upward toward your face and are an excellent way to dress up any outfit with flair and individuality.

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