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Purity Is Making a Comeback

Paying close attention, you can see that morality seems to be making a very slow comeback, reversing the trend of total moral degradation. Positive role model effects on young women might be attributed to the widely publicized, negative antics of Britney Spears and Paris Hilton. There is an old saying, "Everyone has a purpose, even if it only to serve as a warning to others.

" A recent Sacramento fashion show featured modest fashions from casual wear to prom dresses, brides-to-be and bridesmaids dresses. Teenagers from local churches sponsoring the event modeled the various fashions. These garments allow something to be left to the imagination and will let many young women live according to their religious convictions. More and more stores and websites are selling clothing that is less sexy and more modest.

Purity rings came about in the 1990's to help encourage people to be abstinent from premarital sex. As a way of reinforcing the commitment to remain pure until marriage, the ring is worn on the ring finger of the left hand until marriage when it is then replaced with a wedding ring. Gemstones may be embedded in them as well as crosses, or they might be embossed with the words "True Love Waits." Both genders wear the rings either on their fingers or on chains around their necks. These purity rings were introduced nearly 20 years ago and are still popular, showing up in retail stores and Christian Internet sites.

Chastity, for its own sake, is struggling to make a comeback while movies and television display sexual scenes with such commonality that chastity seems abnormal by comparison. In order to instill the virtue of chastity in their children, parents find themselves fighting the media tide. Ironically, choosing virginity is a way for today's youth to rebel against society's standards and separate themselves from their promiscuous peers.

A commitment to chastity can be a form of rebellion for teens who have become Christians through influences outside of their home. This revolutionary movement for chastity, also called the "New Virginity", is not just for teenagers. Adults who have been sexually active in the past are pursuing purity, a type of "secondary virginity." Obviously, it isn't possible to change the past; however, you can commit to a healthier and purer way of life while you wait for the mate God has chosen for you.

Just as a vaccine was successful in wiping out polio in only one generation, purity and chastity can serve as a similar antidote to curb the incidence of sexually transmitted diseases in one generation. Although this is easily said, it will take some time for the general population to begin to participate in a purity movement. To point us in the right direction, role models should dress demurely and encourage the younger generation to wear a purity ring to symbolize their commitment to being good, pure Christians.

As a mom, Bethany Chastain is a big fan of Christian apparel. Yet her children wanting to wear purity jewelry was not her idea. Her children chose their youth group tees themselves as a way to stand out at school and not be conformists. Strangely, her children are more popular now, which is a large leap from what Bethany saw in her own generation.

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