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Sun Allergy Are You Allergic to the Sun

Many people have a sun allergy. This can be very frustrating since the sun is apparent every day for the most part. Even on a cloudy day, the sun will, peak through here and there. If you are one who suffers from such an allergy, you need to learn how to live with a sun allergy in order to go outside or even be near windows in your home. Depending on whether you talk with a professional or do some research yourself, you can find ways to control the allergies and live a normal life.

This is important for everyone suffering from allergies. The sun allergy is triggered by the skin changes that occur when you are outside in the sun. This form of is also referred to as Polymorphous light eruption.

This condition caused the skin to itch and in many cases, small red bumps appear as well as tiny blisters. The sun rays change the condition of the skin because of the UV rays. Many people experience this type of allergy at a young age. It is also possible to go your entire childhood and young adult life without any symptoms and then as an older adult develop symptoms of the allergy. The other types of sun allergies are the hereditary actinic purigo, Photo allergic eruption and solar urticaria.

Learning how to live with a sun allergy requires using preventive measures before subjecting your body to sunlight. You can apply sunscreens, which should be rated at 15 SPF or higher and go outdoors when the sun is not at its peak. You should also wear sunglasses and you may need to use a sun block of 20 SPF to protect the lips and face. When possible you can wear clothing that covers the legs, arms and face, which will block harmful sunrays from skin.

One important thing to remember is that you should avoid sun if you are taking certain medications that can cause a photo allergic eruption. When you learn how to live with a sun allergy, you will also need to know some treatments just in case the skin is exposed to the sun and causes symptoms. For mild exposure, you can use a damp, cool rag to the areas that are affected.

You can also use an over the counter medication to ease the itching. If you experience actinic prurigo, you might require a prescription drug from a doctor. The photo allergic eruption requires discontinuing the drugs or drugs that are causing the allergy. With a sun allergy such as solar urticaria, you can use an over the counter itch relief medication or your doctor can prescribe a medication if the reaction is severe.

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