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The History Of Mary Kay Cosmetics

Perhaps Mary Kay Cosmetics is one of the foremost names in color cosmetics, from the house of the legendary Mary Kay, a highly regarded beauty care expert. The company has a world wide operation base and its corporate headquarters are situated in Dallas, Texas. Ever wondered why Mary Kay Cosmetics is enthused about its worldwide business operations? Mary Kay cosmetics are not just an ordinary cosmetics manufacturing company, unlike many of other bigger brand names. On the other hand, it is a conglomeration of different services from different products to independent consultant services. No wonder, this firm is unique in its structure as it offers affordable business opportunities to even those people who do not have enough money. A brief corporate history of the company shows us that it relates its corporate culture to its success through "independent consultants- product selling" liaison and partnership.

It relies heavily on a network of consultants and franchises scattered across the world. This successful corporate model has contributed to a host of excellent beauty care and cosmetic products that are comparable to any other products in the world. If you're planning to start your own small beauty care business, you need not go in search for any other opportunities other than Mary Kay Cosmetics. The company has a legendary track record and a great history and was established in 1963 by Mary Kay Ash. She was an accomplished corporate leader and a great visionary and she was so successful in establishing a conglomerate of a big magnitude.

Here are some interesting milestones and key information. 1. It is the largest independent cosmetics' direct seller firm, 2.

Sales figures exceed $2.5 billion and is still growing, 3. Sales force is a whopping 1.

6 million, inclusive of multilevel directors who work independently outside the company, 4. They were the first to introduce "career car" concept in marketing world. Is Mary Kay Cosmetics, Inc a multi level marketing, cosmetic manufacturer and distributor? No one mentions this fact even though this appears to be the reason for its enormous success all through these years. You may also need to attribute the phenomenal success of this form to its thousands of independent distributors who wok tirelessly through out the year to make money for themselves.

For example, Mary Kay Cosmetics Consultants Georgia, are some of the most successful business ventures in the world. Indeed the company has helped a lot of them through support and guidance to set up their businesses and prosper in their life. The incentives provided for these business entities have been great and enormous. Cars like Pontiac have been declared as "career cars" by leading business analysts.

These cars have been given as business incentives achieved by consultants. In all, it's a successful, complete cosmetics company. Have you seen someone not heard of Mary Kay Cosmetics? Take a bet!.

Margaret Tan, a part-time beauty consultant writes a range of diverse articles on makeup & cosmetics. Margaret has an extensive resource website at http://www.practical-make-up-tips.com where you can learn about makeup techniques and tips, including the latest makeup trends.

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