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Top Seven Tips To Tanning Bed Safety Ignore Them At Your Peril

Tanning bed safety is your ultimate protection against the negative effects of tanning on your skin. Although most people claim to understand the dangers of tanning beds, rarely do they know the safe facts of tanning beds. 1. Find a great tanning bed Not only will your tan depend on using a high quality bed in your home but so will your safety.

With so many options out there, be sure to research each possible bed in depth before making your big purchase. If you're visiting a tanning salon, make sure they maintain their beds and check that they have tanning safety advice posters in full view. 2. Use only the best tanning lotions Your tanning lotion helps determine the amount of UVA and UVB rays reaching your skin. Using hydrating tanning lotions made specifically for tanning beds will help keep your skin young, safe, and luscious.

Due to the ultraviolet rays given out by tanning beds, your skin may age prematurely from the effects of sunburn or skin cancer. Your may also feel sick when the rays from the bed begin to wear away at your immune system. 3. Stay in for the right time In our endeavors to get great tans, some of us ignore all the safety facts and warnings on our beds. If your maximum exposure time in the tanning bed per day is supposed to be twenty minutes, only stay in the bed for twenty minutes. 4.

Use the right protection Besides great tanning lotions, you should also use protective goggles. Although Federal law doesn't control what you do in your home tanning bed, the guidelines exist to keep your eyes safe and healthy. 5.

Check the Wattage When choosing a tanning bed, there is a lot to know. One of the most important parts of your bed is the wattage that it uses. Tanning beds can be either high output (HO) or very high output (VHO).

HO beds use 100 watt lamps, while VHO beds can use up to 168 watt tanning lamps. Unless you have a special reason for buying a VHO tanning bed, you will probably want to choose an HO bed since they are cheaper and easier to purchase and re-lamp. Some HO beds may try to sell you on them by claiming to have a high UVB, but these lamps will only increase your risk of burning rather than tanning. 6.

Check The Safety Advice Before tanning, you should consider your reactions to sun exposure and your family history. These factors can affect your personal danger when tanning. When visiting the salon, you should always wear the protective safety goggles provided by the company. By being aware of the danger, you can take care of your body and tan safely. 7.

Keep up to date The only way to know what's going on in the tanning bed industry is to keep up. Check for new guidelines, regulations, and safe facts regularly so that your tanning experience is the best. Knowing the safe facts about tanning will allow you to make the best decisions regarding your tanning bed whether at home or in a salon and to keep your skin healthy and glowing for years to come.

Jon Butt is the publisher of www.the-tanning-bed-guide.com - your friendly experts on how to choose the perfect tanning bed for you, where to get the biggest discounts online, which lotions and accessories will make tanning easier and safer, along with tan-thru clothing, sunless tanning advice and skin care. Visit www.the-tanning-bed-guide.com todat for more informative articles

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