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TubeURLcom URL Shorten Service Will Cloak Your Address Hide Your Email And Affiliate ID

When you have a shorten URL people can remember the short one longer, than opposed to an extremely long one with over 20 characters long. Not only are they memorable but they can instantly notice what topic is on the page since the end of the URL is visible with the appropriate keywords. If you are an online marketer, you must know that affiliate IDs are ones that lower your turn around rates. When people see the URL with the affiliate ID, they'll know it's an affiliate link and perhaps not click on the link, or just go directly to the home page (by typing it in manually) so that you do not get credited.

Unfair? Of course, that is why a short URL can help you. It will mask your affiliate link into something much more short and the best thing is that your affiliate URL is well hidden as you cannot see it in the url whatsoever! It's also a great way to sneak in affiliate IDs in forum signatures as well. Sometimes there are character limits to signatures, so of course, your original affiliate URL will be taking up a lot of characters or it won't even fit inside your signature. Using a short url will save you characters to add in descriptive anchors, bold your text and even add in color. Be original! For email addresses, you can hide them on websites! You don't only need to use conventional WWW urls, but this site also accepts email addresses. This is ideal for those who don't want web spiders to crawl and index your email, because, as most of you know: that can lead spam.

If you want to cloak an address, they can do this too. Some people don't want visitors finding out what the URL is, so they get a shortened url from tube url. This is also ideal if you don't want a spider to crawl through to your web address, for whatever reason you have. An example would be a submission for mailto:name@mail.com, the short URL would come out as www.tubeurl.

com/mailname instead. One of the advantage is that the URLs last for quite a long time. They don't necessarily expire but Tube URL will delete addresses that are not following the terms of services. Just read it over and do not go against it and you will be fine! Take advantage of this short URL script since it's free! Maybe you've gained some new ideas on how you can benefit with short URLs from this article.

This can help you monetize indirectly, clean up your website URLs and many more. Also, don't forget to share this site with other people you know that might benefit with Tube Url, help the site grow!.

John Schwartz is the author of Small URL. You can find more information at Shorten URL

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